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Haldiram Distributorship Apply

Haldiram Distributorship Apply

If you are thinking of starting a Distributorship of Haldiram, It’s a very good idea to take a  Haldiram Distributorship in India. Haldiram’s is like an evergreen business as separating Indians from sweets and snacks is almost impossible.

Haldiram’s has made a name for itself that is going to stay for long and its brand image is like none other. This brand started from a few products initially but now it’s covering a huge list of products. From snacks, sweets, drinks, biscuits Haldiram’s is making a huge variety of eatables and the main thing is keeping traditional Indian taste.

Haldiram is a very profitable business. It is a well-established sweet and savory brand and becoming a Franchisee of Haldiram would be a golden opportunity for all those who are Apply Haldiram Distributorship.

 Haldiram Distributorship | Haldiram Distributorship Apply Online | Haldiram Distributorship in India


Haldiram Distributorship in India started in 1937 and was the only shop serving sweets and snacks in Bikaner, Rajasthan. But gradually people showed their love for Haldiram due to its top-quality food which helped them to establish a huge manufacturing plant in Nagpur in the year 1970.

Haldiram is growing its business every year. It’s one of the fast-changing sweet and namkeen stores in India.

Haldiram provides three types of franchises to expand their business.

Casual Dinner – 

This type of franchise will cost around Rs.1 Cr to Rs.4 Cr. This type of franchise needs an office, light, water, and other services.

Kiosks – 

This type of franchise Will cost not declared by Haldiram. So, You can check it out on the official website for more details about the franchise in India.

Quick Service Restaurant – 

This type of franchise doesn’t need much sq. foot and investment. You need approximately 1 to 3 crores in liquid cash in order to start this type of franchise.


How much Space do you Require to Set up a Haldiram Distributorship Online Apply, Haldiram Distributorship in India

For a Haldiram Casual Dining Restaurant, you need to find a space of operations with an area ranging from 2000 to 5000 sq. ft. You will need an office space in the outlet with a good water supply and other services that any restaurant franchise would need.

For a Haldiram Kiosk, you only need a space of operations ranging from 75 to 100 sq. ft. It is the easiest to maintain out of the three models.

For a quick service diner of the Haldiram Franchise, you can opt for a big or a small outlet with an area ranging between 1000 to 1500 sq. ft.
We recommend a space of operations of at least 1215 sq. ft. to apply for a Haldiram Franchise, Haldiram Online Apply of Haldiram Distributorship Apply.

Haldiram Products Distributorship

Also, You must have to take a minimum of 9 years franchise. They will keep a 2.5% royalty fee annually from the franchise. These conditions depend upon the city of business where you can start a Haldiram Distributorship. Location wise charges are different from the Haldiram Distributorship in India, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Distributorship Apply and, Haldiram Products Distributorship. 

Profit Margin of a Haldiram Distributorship or Haldiram Distributorship in India

Our sweet and savory treats are dominating the food and snack industry and even though an accurate estimation cannot be made you know ours is a profitable business. It is a brand that can sell itself!

Despite the social standing of Haldirams, however, the profit margin of a Haldiram Distributorship in India and Haldiram Distributorship mostly depends on how you serve your customers!

But, a good location, say, an airport or a metro city will definitely add to the profit margin!

If you have any query about the Haldiram Distributorship Online Apply, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Distributorship in India application and want to get in touch with us.

You can also Whatsapp for Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Distributorship in India, Haldiram Distributorship Apply Online at- +91 8902723575

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