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Haldiram Franchises India

Becoming a Haldiram Distributorship, the well-established brand, is a golden opportunity for all those business-minded people who want to provide good quality in return for the price negotiated. The main advantage of becoming a Haldiram Franchise is that you, as a distributor need not take any effort to establish the brand since it is already strongly established in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Bihar, chennai, Pune.






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Types of Haldiram Franchises

There are various factors that have to be taken into consideration while opting for a Haldiram franchise or Haldiram Distributor as the company offers various types of franchises. The three different types of franchises offered by Haldiram are as follow:


Area 1000 to 2000 sft

Office Required

Sitting arrangement Required

Parking Area Required


Area 100 to 200 sft

Office Not Required

Sitting Arrangement NA

Parking Required


Area 500 to 1000 sft

Office Required

Sitting Arrangement Required

Parking Required


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Haldiram Franchises India

Nearly eighty years back Ganga Bishan Agarwal (Haldiram Ji) did a favor to us all. One small shop in Bikaner in 1930 made a commitment to serve an authentic taste of India through their sweet and savory treats!
As Mr. Shiv Kishan Agrawal took over his grandfather's legacy in 1970, the modest shop quickly gained popularity and underwent expansion and opened retail stores all over India and beyond, to meet an unending demand for its extremely unmatched taste.
Haldiram, today, is a part of us. It is with us to celebrate our happy moments, our festivities and even our daily snack cravings. It does not feel right if we don’t receive a packet of Haldiram’s Soan Papdi and Bhujia when our guests visit us or when we purchase the same when we visit our relatives. There are no second thoughts or hesitation. The brand has proved its own quality over time and continues to do so.
What if I tell you that you can now be a part of Haldiram Franchises India too?

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Haldiram Distributorship | Haldiram Dealership | Haldiram Franchises

Haldirams opened their first manufacturing plant in Kolkata and then in 1970, a larger manufacturing plant was opened in Jaipur. In the 1990s, the company opened another manufacturing plant in the city of Delhi.
With a turnover of more than 400 Crore Rupees and a Brand Valuation of approximately 1500 Crore Rupees, Haldiram holds around 25 % of the total market share in the industry!
With their headquarters in Nagpur, Haldirams have manufacturing plants in New Delhi, Rudrapur, Noida, Nagpur, and Gurgaon. They have their own chain of retail stores in Delhi, Noida, Nagpur, and Kolkata.
In 2014, Haldiram ranked 55th on the list of most trusted brands in India. And they were named the largest snack company in 2017 beating domestic as well as foreign competitors. Haldiram’s success is not only limited to India. Their presence in more than 80 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Japan and many more, prove this fact! Haldiram is a brand that sells itself and its fame should be a powerful enough reason to attract you, if you are an investor!
Haldiram has embraced the plans of expanding its business by opening new outlets in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in the country inviting investors to invest their precious money and allow Haldiram to grow while creating monetary growth options for themselves.
You can now apply online for Haldiram Restaurant Franchise, Haldiram Dealership, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Namkeen Agency, and Haldiram Products Distributorship. Haldiram Distributorship Apply Online option is available from any place like Delhi, Goa, Mumbai and more.

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Haldiram Namkeen Agency | Haldiram Distributorship Apply

Haldiram Agency

An Agent is one who sells the goods of the owner, here, Haldirams, and does not take ownership of the products and represents the owner in a market. They receive a commission on sales as per the pre-negotiated terms.

Haldiram Distributorship

A Distributor buys the products of the owners and takes ownership of the goods and resells the products in the market after adding a margin on the prices under its own name. The manufacturer may not even know the sale price.
They provide more services than an agent and earn higher fees than an agent.

Haldiram Franchise

A franchise is a contract between the owner- the Franchisor, and another party- the Franchisee, to use the brand name, obtain the products, services and support from the Franchisor and sell the products.
The Franchisee must use the furnishings, sign and style of the Brand and pay a percentage of their turnover or profits to the Franchisor.
A franchisee earns more than an Haldiram Agent and even a Haldiram Distributorship .

Haldiram Dealership

A Haldiram Dealer is a link between a distributor and a customer. They deal only in particular kinds of products, already packaged and engage in buying and selling of goods under their own account and trade them to the customer from their own stock. A dealer does not engage in manufacturing of these products. They sell as is.

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Haldiram Franchises Online | Haldiram Distributorship Apply

Now that you know what a Franchise is, here is what being a Franchisee to Haldiram would mean for an investor like you for Haldiram Franchises Online and Haldiram Distributorship Apply
To be a Franchisee of such an established brand is a golden opportunity for you, the investor, who is looking forward to an excellent return for the amount you will be investing in this project. The main advantage is that you can apply for a Haldiram Dealership or Haldiram Distributorship of Haldiram Franchises in a much simplified manner.

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Haldiram Franchise, Haldiram Product Distributorship,and Haldiram Dealership

The profit margin of Haldiram Franchise, Haldiram Product Distributorship, Haldiram Dealership depends on several factors like location, area of operations in that location, customer service and so on.
However, we can be clear that the name itself can allow you to reap a considerable profit. A brand name such as Haldiram is a household name and an irreplaceable one in this industry!
We are basically providing the Haldiram Dealership, Haldiram Franchise and Haldiram Product Distributorship with easy documentation and easy to apply process.

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What to Consider while Applying for a Haldiram Franchise, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Dealership

Types of Haldiram Franchises

Haldiram has three models of operations established in major cities today, namely:
Casual Diner
Quick Service Diner

Which Model to Apply for Haldiram Franchises and Haldiram Online Apply

You must first decide which of the above three models is the most suited for you to begin as a Haldiram Franchisee. All the three models have already found success in the Indian Business Scenario so the only things you must worry about are:
The cost of Haldiram Franchise which means the amount of investment required to open your choice of Franchise,
A space of operations in the area you plan to open the Haldiram Franchise in.

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Cost of Haldiram Franchises, Haldiram Distributorship Apply and Haldiram Online Apply

The cost of investment that you require depends on the model you opt for as I have mentioned in the previous segment. The cost breakdown for the different models is as mentioned below for Haldiram Franchises, Haldiram Distributorship Apply and Haldiram Online Apply:
1. Casual Diner - Haldiram Casual Dining Restaurant is the most expensive of the three available models of Haldiram Franchises. To apply for a dealership in this model, you require an investment fund of 1 to 4 Crore Rupees.
2. Kiosk - Haldiram Kiosk Franchises is probably the least expensive of the three models of Haldiram Franchises. But for an accurate read on the investment information, it is advisable to directly contact the organisation for this information.
3. Quick Service Diner - To open Haldirams Quick Service Diner , you must be prepared to invest at least 1 to 3 Crores Rupees.
An added expense that you, the investor, is required to pay is a Royalty Fee of 2.5% on an annual basis for every year of the 9 years which is the tenure of the Haldiram Franchise Agreement.

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How to Apply for a Haldiram Franchise Online, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Product Distributorship, Haldiram Dealership

You can apply online here for Haldiram Franchises Online, Haldiram Dealership, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Product Distributorship, Haldiram Franchises India. All you need to do is:
Step 1 - Input the following information:
* First Name
* Last Name
* Phone Number
* Detailed information about your proposal
Step 2 - Click "Apply Now"
The detailed information should include the model of Haldiram Franchise, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Dealership, Haldiram Product Distributorship you are applying for, an idea of the amount of Investment and an idea of the area of operations.

Contact Details for Haldiram Franchises, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Dealership, Haldiram Distributorship Apply Online, Haldiram Online Apply

If you have any query and want to get in touch with Haldirams for Haldiram Franchises, Haldiram Distributorship, Haldiram Dealership, Haldiram Distributorship Apply Online, Haldiram Online Apply, you can do so at:
Address:Haldiram Foods International Pvt Ltd, 145/146, Old Pardi Naka, Bhandara Road, Nagpur – 440032.
Contact Details: Haldiram Franchises Contact Number +91 8902723575
Apply Form: Apply Now

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Haldiram Distributorship - Haldiram Namkeen Distributors Mobile Number: +91 8902723575